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Powder Packaging Material Pat Pat Le Body Highlight Bottle

Skincare Packaging Materials

Powder Packaging Material Pat Pat Le Body Highlight Bottle

This packaging material is suitable for assembling makeup products such as glitter powder, eye shadow, powder blusher or honey powder. The makeup stick adopts a cute soft sponge head design, suitable for the neck, face, body, legs, and clothes, with a sparkling makeup effect, maintaining a flawless luster for hours without being greasy, wrinkling, cake, or clogging pores. Small and lightweight, easy to carry, easy to apply makeup, and can be used anytime, anywhere. Suitable for birthday parties, masquerade parties, role-playing, and other occasions.

Acceptance: OEM/ODM, trade, wholesale, regional agency, logo printing, customized colors, etc.

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  • Brand Chuanghe
  • Name Paipai Powder Packaging Materials
  • Capacity 9g
  • Material PP
  • Process Injection molding
  • Single product weight 19g
  • Color Customization supported
  • Related accessory lid+cotton head
  • Origin Shantou, China

Product description

The puff and bottle of this makeup stick feature a unique two in one design. With just a gentle press, the body's shimmering powder will enter the bubbles through the mesh and adhere to your skin. It will be evenly mixed without flying powder, and the sponge tip will be applied more evenly without falling off. No additional makeup tools are needed to create a perfect appearance! The product can not only be used on the face as flash eye shadow and powder blusher, but also on the collarbone, leg, neck and body parts. Colors can be freely matched to create your own personalized makeup look.
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When assembling cosmetics, it is important to keep your hands clean and avoid direct contact with the packaging to prevent contamination.
Regular replacement of cosmetics: In order to maintain the hygiene and effectiveness of cosmetics, it is recommended to replace them regularly, and it is generally recommended to use them for a period of no more than one year.

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