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Leather Perfume Bottle  Rotary Fine Mist Oral Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle

Leather Perfume Bottle Rotary Fine Mist Oral Spray Bottle

It's used to disperse makeup, cologne, and perfume when heading out or traveling. This spray is easy to handle, leak-proof, and can be replenished in a circular motion. Simple to use—just turn the top to release the nozzle. To retract the nozzle, turn the lid in the other way. The greatest degree of liquid leak prevention is possible with our perfume bottle.

Acceptance: Trade, wholesale, regional agency, OEM/ODM, printing of logos permitted, choice of leather color, etc.

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  • Brand Chuanghe
  • Name 10ml leather perfume bottles
  • Capacity 10ml
  • Material (outer bottle) plastic+PU/(inner bottle) glass+nozzle
  • Process Skin pasting
  • Single product weight 37g
  • Color Red, Gold, Black, Brown, Green, White/Other colors available for customization
  • Related attachments ABS + leather
  • Origin Shantou, China
  • Delivery cycle 15 days

Description of the Product 

The little spray bottle has an aluminum nozzle and a glass container body. The shell is composed of synthetic cross-grain leather, which is more elegant-looking and feels cozy. Our artisans create each bottle by hand, twisting the top to reveal the tiny glass bottles. A variety of colors are available. Fill the little bottles with the cosmetics using a funnel or other dispensing equipment. Spray perfume is a versatile fragrance that is suitable for both genders and is compact enough to fit in a pocket or wallet. You may use this air fragrance spray at gatherings to always radiate a lovely scent, and it's also a great option for vacation travel.
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Pay heed 

To prevent contamination, it's crucial to keep your hands clean and stay away from direct touch with the package when assembling cosmetics.
Changing makeup on a regular basis: Generally speaking, cosmetics should be used for no longer than a year and should be replaced on a regular basis to ensure their hygiene and effectiveness.

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Services for OEM and ODM 

The original goal of Chuanghe was to assist consumers in meeting their demands and enhancing their own brand items. We can assist you in consistently producing high-quality items, whether you need to develop the ideal formula or have a line of goods to compete with.

Independently Designed 

Our goal is to work with you to develop the product you've always imagined. We will offer complete support, from the laboratory team that guarantees the functionality of your product to the procurement team that assists you in realizing all of your labeling and packaging goals.

Package Contracts 

Chuanghe can expand your business if you currently have a fantastic product but are unable to package and ship it just how you would like. We offer contract packing that can quickly bridge the gaps in the sections of your present business that you are unable to finish.

Time of Delivery

15 days. (The precise delivery time announced following order confirmation will take precedence.) 

Client Support 

24-hour online customer support is available. 

Method of Transaction

Pay the 30% down payment (in USD), begin production as soon as the deposit is received, and schedule delivery after the remaining funds have been deposited into the account. 

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