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Face Cream Bottle  Empty Bottle Cosmetic Cream Bottle Glass Bottle

High End Cream Bottle

Face Cream Bottle Empty Bottle Cosmetic Cream Bottle Glass Bottle

The glass jar is suitable for assembling facial mask, body cream, face cream, moisturizer, eye cream and other skin care products. Frosted glass can block photosensitive compounds, prevent light, and protect cosmetics from UV radiation. Protect your favorite products from oxidation. Each glass jar is equipped with a screw cap with a foam gasket, which is sealed when the cap is firmly screwed onto the container. Easy to clean, easily replaceable and refillable, just twist and replace.

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  • Brand Chuanghe
  • Name Glass Cream Bottle
  • Capacity 50g
  • Material Glass+PP
  • Process Injection molding
  • Single product weight 119g
  • Color Customization supported
  • Related accessory lid
  • Origin Shantou, China

Product description

The glass jar is constructed from sturdy, thick glass with a frosted finish, making it resistant to corrosion and ensuring durability. It is both odorless and stylish, with a thick black plastic twist cap featuring a large opening for effortless filling and removal of products. Additionally, it is easy to clean, reusable, and recyclable, making it the perfect choice for cosmetic containers. It is suitable for individuals of all ages, and can be easily utilized to pack essential supplies during travel or business trips by using funnels or dispensing tools.
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Face Cream Bottle  Empty Bottle Cosmetic Cream Bottle Glass Bottle (6)87e
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Maintain Cleanliness: When handling cosmetics, it is crucial to maintain cleanliness by ensuring your hands are clean and avoiding direct contact with the packaging. This helps prevent contamination and ensures the hygiene of the products.
Regular replacement of cosmetics: In order to maintain the hygiene and effectiveness of cosmetics, it is recommended to replace them regularly, and it is generally recommended to use them for a period of no more than one year.

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