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Cream Bottle Cleaning Wide Mouth Hair Mask Plastic Empty Bottle

Cream Jar

Cream Bottle Cleaning Wide Mouth Hair Mask Plastic Empty Bottle

This versatile product is ideal for packaging bath salts, scrubs, shampoos, hair care creams, hair masks, facial masks, body creams, and various toiletries. Its wide bottle mouth design facilitates effortless product filling and removal. Crafted from high-quality plastic, it boasts exceptional strength and durability, outshining glass jars in longevity. Furthermore, its lightweight and space-saving design make it a practical and long-lasting storage solution.

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  • Brand Chuanghe
  • Name Cream Bottle
  • Capacity 250ml
  • Material PP
  • Process Injection molding
  • Single product weight 35g
  • Color Supports customization
  • Related attachments lid
  • Origin Shantou, China

Product description

The screw-in lid design of the circular empty can ensures effortless opening and closing. The precise spiral mouth of the bottle provides a secure attachment to the lid, while the foam lining of each lid guarantees excellent sealing performance, effectively safeguarding the contents from leakage. These finely crafted plastic cans feature smooth surfaces with no sharp edges and are reusable and easy to clean. Ideal for all users, they can be used with funnels or dispensing tools to transfer products, making them perfect for packing travel or business essentials for convenient carry.
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Maintain a high level of hygiene when assembling cosmetics to prevent contamination. Keep your hands clean and use clean tools or applicators to handle the products.
Regular replacement of cosmetics: In order to maintain the hygiene and effectiveness of cosmetics, it is recommended to replace them regularly, and it is generally recommended to use them for a period of no more than one year.

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